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Website? WordPress? SEO?

What is your Digital Media Plan? Do you have one? On the most basic level, each organization needs to decide what the purpose and goal is for their digital marketing. For some organizations, Facebook, LinkedIn or another social media site may be enough. For others, they use all the different avenues. Whether you use them or not, it is important to claim your "turf" on the major social media sites. This will, at a minimum, prevent anyone else from taking them and causing mixed messages to potential clients and customers.

Most of the business owners we work with include a website in their digital media plan. The biggest advantage to a website vs. using a social media site is similar to owning a property (URL and domain) vs. renting it. Think of it in comparison to owning or renting a place to live. You can do whatever you want if you own it. You need to follow the rules and commit to the restrictions when you go with a rental (social media sites).

Website Platforms

There are a ton of different platforms and formats in which you can create a website! We try to enlighten our clients to the advantages and disadvantages of the different platforms and their capabilities, functions and cost. The most common templated website platform is WordPress. We were not a fan of Wordpress originally, but as it has become more robust, we have moved many of our clients toward it to take advantages of the immense reservoir of addons and applications which it offers!

We enjoy creating sites on many different platforms, with our favorites being HTML5/CSS, Wordpress and .Net Core.

Here is are some of the platforms we have worked on and a link to the site if it's still valid.

Website Maintenance and Updates

A large percentage of our web clients start out asking us to help them maintain and update their site. This is part of the reason we're familiar with many different platforms. After we have built a level of trust, we often end up doing complete makeovers and updates. Most of the time we stay within the same platform to leverage the addons and plugins native to a particular platform, even though most platforms have similar capabilities and options. We definitely believe in the old adage, it if it's not broke don't fix it!

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Social Media

Facebook? LinkedIn? Pinterest? Twitter? What?

There are a many different choices when it comes to social media. Are any of them necessary? Like most questions, the answer depends! Maybe you need to be on all of them. If your main target market is business people, then LinkedIn might be the best. Looking for end user consumers, Facebook. Eveyone should be on Google Business just to have access to your business on Google Maps.

Some companies have no desire and no need to engage in these potential marketing avenues. Others will quickly fall out of the competitive game if they do not keep up with the quickly changing social media realm.

The first step in deciding your social media presence would be to refer to your Digital Media plan. If that's not possible, then it would be necessary to deduce which Social Media platform most closely matches your customers demographics. Are your clients highly engaged in social media? Do they actually use it for business or just pleasure? Do you have the capabilities and time to enter these areas? Again, we would enjoy the opportunity to discuss the possibilities and how we can help you to either set up your social media or manage it completely.

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Adwords / Google Analytics

Are you using Adwords in your marketing? Do you control it yourself? Do you understand it? What is the cost per click? What about cost per conversion? If you are familiar with and understand these terms, you are many steps ahead of the average person!

We do not pretend to be all-knowledgable in regards to online search markets. We do understand and work with them on a daily basis and can be the perfect bridge between giving it up to a company who will completely control it and trying to manage it on your own.

We currently manage an account which was spending $3000-$3500 per month. We have managed to clean up the words they focused on, create new campaigns to more closely align with their objectives and update their tracking and conversion data. With all these changes, we have managed to reduce their spend to about half what it was, while still getting equivalent conversions/results!

We would be happy to discus your options and opportunities in the adwords arena. Let us get you started and help to layout the roadmap for you adwords campaigns.

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